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The People’s Vote

by richarddickson on 21 October, 2018

Last Saturday (20 October) it was an inspiring privilege to be with more than 50 people from Kenilworth on a coach to London. Many other Kenilworth residents also travelled by train and car to London to join with other people from right across the constituency and a total of 250 people from South Warwickshire . Together we marched peacefully with hundreds of thousands of people of all ages from communities throughout the United Kingdom calling on Parliament to give the citizens of our country a People’s Vote.
The People’s Vote campaign includes people with party political affiliations from all parts of the spectrum and people with no party political ideology whatsoever. The campaign has been growing in momentum as it’s become clearer every day that the government is struggling to negotiate a smooth exit from the EU. Despite what we were promised, these negotiations were always going to be complex. They are made much harder because the government is struggling to cling on to power as it negotiates also with its own members and with its DUP partners from Northern Ireland as to what is an acceptable deal.
Thank you to the organisers of last week’s coach trip and to everyone who is supporting the People’s Vote campaign. We need a new form of politics that puts people before party, individuals before ideology and community before career.
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